Angley Low ResHOT reviews of Child Finder: Revelation:

“Mike Angley has written a must read winner. This is an insider’s view of a frightening and inspiring scenario filled with action and drama. Riveting! A Spellbinder!”

—Paul E. Vallely, MG, U.S. Army (ret), Chairman of Stand Up America and co-author of Endgame, Baghdad Ablaze, Operation Sucker Punch and Warfooting

“Set in one of the world’s hot spots, Child Finder: Revelation by Mike Angley combines the author’s first hand knowledge of the military with a dash of the psychic supernatural thrown in. It’s a great read.”

—Michael A. Black ~ Author of Hostile Takeovers, and I Am Not a Psychic (with Richard Belzer)

“Well, the Colonel has done it again.  In the third installment of a compelling series, Col. Mike Angley, USAF (ret) has written Special Agent Patrick O’Donnell, USAF (fiction) into a tense situation as current as today’s headlines. Child Finder Revelation is a read that crosses so many sub-genres that it will be an entertaining read to most thriller fans. If you’ve been thinking of enjoying a good story, this book has read your mind.”

—Rick Robinson, author of the thriller, Manifest Destiny, named the Best Independent Book in America in the 2010 DIY Book Festival

“A definite page turner unlike anything you’ve read before. I’m not going to give away anything, but the ending is mind-boggling and will definitely make you think.”

—Marilyn Meredith, author of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series as well as the Rocky Bluff P.D. series.

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Mike Angley is the award-winning author of the Child Finder Trilogy.  He retired from the Air Force in 2007 following a 25-year career as a Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations (OSI). He writes thrillers with a paranormal twist.  His protagonist is a man whose deep faith guides him through his page-turning perils.  The Child Finder Trilogy is a hot thriller series with a light, somewhat edgy spiritual theme…it is not typical Christian fiction.  But fans of that genre as well as suspense and thriller enthusiasts thoroughly enjoy it!

The Child Finder Trilogy.  The truth is not out there…it’s in here, in the final book…and it’s not what you think.  Of course, it’s just fiction.  It’s not real…or is it? Inspired by real-life experiences…follow the paranormal adventures of an Air Force Special Agent as the government exploits his psychic abilities to find abducted children. Rescuing them is a noble pursuit, but it comes at great cost. Special Agent Patrick O’Donnell must battle dark, murderous forces within his own trusted inner circle, as well as unimaginable evil that threatens his family. Before his journey ends, Pat will learn explosive government information that will rock his understanding of life, the universe, and his own faith. Perhaps some secrets are best kept hidden.

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