CF RevChild Finder: Revelation

“The most dangerous book ever written!”

—Senior Department of Defense Official

(Confidential Identity)

“Mike Angley has written a must read winner. This is an insider’s view of a frightening and inspiring scenario filled with action and drama. Riveting! A Spellbinder!”

—Paul E. Vallely, MG, U.S. Army (ret), Chairman of Stand Up America and co-author of Endgame, Baghdad Ablaze, Operation Sucker Punch and Warfooting

“I loved this riveting book! It’s a stay-up-all-night read that will keep your heart pumping!”

–Karna Small Bodman, Former Senior Director of the National Security Council in the Reagan White House and author of bestselling international thrillers, to include her new release, FINAL FINESSE

“Set in one of the world’s hot spots, Child Finder: Revelation by Mike Angley combines the author’s first hand knowledge of the military with a dash of the psychic supernatural thrown in. It’s a great read.”

—Michael A. Black ~ Author of Hostile Takeovers, and I Am Not a Psychic (with Richard Belzer)

“Well, the Colonel has done it again.  In the third installment of a compelling series, Col. Mike Angley, USAF (ret) has written Special Agent Patrick O’Donnell, USAF (fiction) into a tense situation as current as today’s headlines. Child Finder Revelation is a read that crosses so many sub-genres that it will be an entertaining read to most thriller fans. If you’ve been thinking of enjoying a good story, this book has read your mind.”

—Rick Robinson, author of the thriller, Manifest Destiny, named the Best Independent Book in America in the 2010 DIY Book Festival

“This book grabs you from start to finish!  In Child Finder: Revelation, Mike Angley has given us another hard-to-put-down thriller! A great read!”

—Bob Doerr, author of Cold Winter’s Kill

Child Finder: Revelation is one of the best books you can read and wholesome enough to share with your own children. Intrigue starts in Chapter One with an explosive (pun intended) beginning. Enter Pat O’Donnell a military Special Agent with an exceptional gift from God. A gift greatly appreciated by O’Donnell and one which helps him through his own life and the lives of the children he is asked to save.

—Jack Miller, Award-Winning Author of: Cold War Warrior, Operation Switch, The Medal, Cold War Defector, and The Master Cheat

A fan of Mike’s writing, I read the first two books in the series, though it is not necessary to have done so to enjoy this final one in the trilogy.

There are some resemblances to the DaVinci Code in Revelation–and some very big differences.

The resemblance is that the story does center around a secret that has to do with the Catholic Church.

The difference is the hero, Patrick O’Donnell, an Air Force Special Agent, is a devout Catholic and a true believer. His faith is an important part of his life. He also has a gift that makes him the one who is chosen to go on a special and most dangerous mission to rescue kidnapped twin girls who were taken to North Korea.

Another difference is the danger Patrick finds himself in is believable as are all the action filled events described in the story.

I’m not going to give away anything, but the ending is mind-boggling and will definitely make you think.

This is a thriller that is written by someone who knows what he’s writing about and it shows. A definite page turner unlike anything you’ve read before.

—Marilyn Meredith, author of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series as well as the Rocky Bluff P.D. series

Child Finder: Revelation, the third in award-winning novelist Mike Angley’s Child Finder Trilogy, lives up the promise of its two predecessors and then trots another mile down the road. Back are the protagonists readers have come to know and love―synesthetic psychic Pat O’Donnell and family, John Helmsley, General Swank, and Woody Davis. This time, the good-guy cast includes such luminaries as the President of the United States and the Pope. The antagonists aren’t just any old kidnappers or run of the mill psychopaths. Lurking stage left is North Korea’s Dear Leader and his minions. At stake are the lives of two precocious, psychic little girls―twin daughters of the US Ambassador to South Korea.

Like Angley’s prior volumes, Revelation is filled with secrets―codes, equipment, paint, airplanes, weapons, abilities, and adventures. The characters are both tough and sensitive. Their stories explore the usual thriller theme―good and evil. Their battles are cataclysmic, their issues primeval. It’s the stuff of superhero action movies with dark undertones.

Don’t let the drama fool you.

Angley’s story explores politics and religion with the same sense of fun and what’s-under-the-lid excitement as Steven Spielberg did with Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. Who are these girls? Why do they matter so much that the President is willing to risk Pat―an important resource for the US (and all mankind)? Why do they matter so much that the Vatican gets involved?  They are so cute, so sweet―so adorable. But they are just little girls―aren’t they?

Readers are seldom treated to such a clever, thoughtful and intriguing tale. The suspense takes two forms―action and philosophy.  I mean it―philosophy.  Not just the who, what, when and where of things, but the why. For those of us who seldom go through a day without pondering the mysteries of life, Angley’s sojourn into alternate possibilities is delightful. In particular, I love the short discussion about fiction toward the end of the piece. I have always found fiction to be the more eloquent genre―because the author is free to interpret his message―and to offer his version of the world to the reader as entertainment.  Angley’s coy suggestion that the classified Level 4 secrets revealed to Pat O’Donnell are really true makes the reader chuckle but five minutes after finishing the book, persistent thoughts tease the cerebellum like feathers tickle the nose. Could it be? Let’s see what Google does say about The Speech of the Unknown….Hmmm.

—Joyce Faulkner, President of Military Writers Society of America, author of Shadow of Suribachi, Losing Patience, and For Shrieking Out Loud, Co-author of Sunchon Tunnel Massacre Survivors

Oh, my gosh! When I received my ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Child Finder Revelation I was so thrilled because I had been waiting for it since reading the first two books in the trilogy.  When I finished this book, all I could say was a jaw-dropping, “Oh, my gosh!”  Then I tossed the book to my husband (who NEVER reads fiction, by the way) and said, “You have got to read the last two chapters of this book!  You just have to!”  And he started reading, and he didn’t throw it back to me, he read all the way to the end.  Now THAT is amazing in and of itself.

Mike Angley is an absolute genius!  I will admit that I’m a Child Finder fanatic!  No question about it.  I’ve been waiting for this third book because the first two pulled me in and kept me turning pages like crazy. Mike Angley brings much experience in criminal investigation, counterintelligence, and counterterrorism to his writing, which makes the storyline so real, but also so fascinating.  He promised me that the last book in the series, Child Finder Revelation, would be “nonstop action and peril.”  And he did not disappoint.

In this book, Air Force Special Agent Patrick O’Donnell is sent to rescue the twin daughters of a U.S. Ambassador who are abducted by North Korean terrorists.  Agent O’Donnell uses his psychic abilities to rescue children, but something seems very different about this case.  What do the White House and the Vatican know? O’Donnell truly feels that he may be sacrificing his life to save the twins. Something is going on and he needs to find out.

So what are all of the secrets surrounding this case?  Mystery abounds…what is fact?  What is fiction?  Trust me when I say, when you finish this book, you will be shaking your head and asking the same questions.  Like I said, Mike Angley is a genius who has put together a superb read.  Child Finder Revelation can be a standalone read but be sure not to cheat yourself out of the first two books in the trilogy before you scoop up this one.  These are all topnotch books in the mystery thriller genre.  Become a Child Finder fanatic.  You’ll be glad you did!

—Joyce M. Gilmour, Book Reviewer and Editor, Editing TLC