“The most dangerous book ever written!”

—Senior Department of Defense Official

(Confidential Identity)

Child Finder: Revelation will be published on November 1, 2011.

The truth is not out there…it’s in here

Have you ever wondered what the government really knows about all the strange and mysterious elements of our universe?  This mind-blowing conclusion to the Child Finder Trilogy might just finally reveal it all.  Of course, it’s just fiction…right?CF Rev

North Korean terrorists stage a brazen attack on the U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, stealing his twin daughters in the assault. The eight-year-old girls are powerful psychics with amazing extrasensory gifts, and it is clear that the North Koreans abducted them because of these abilities. Only one man can rescue them. Air Force Special Agent Patrick O’Donnell is the government’s top agent with his own psychic abilities…skills crucial to finding the Ambassador’s daughters deep inside North Korea.

But there’s more. There’s a mystery about the twins that has the President of the United States and the Pope rattled, and no one is telling O’Donnell what that is. One thing is made clear to him in abundance: he must rescue the girls and bring them back to America with an urgency he has never experienced before.

Will Agent O’Donnell be successful in rescuing the Ambassador’s daughters? Will he be able to unravel the intrigue between the Oval Office and the Vatican? Perhaps O’Donnell will receive a revelation that will explain it all…and if he does, it may be something he wishes he never knew.

Perhaps some secrets are bet kept hidden… Be sure to read the great reviews Child Finder: Revelation has received! Check out the other books in the trilogy: