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May 23

Mary Deal Talks About Wasting Stories

Wasting Stories
Mary Deal

Many people say they “could have written a better story.” They “should be a writer.” These people talk about the negatives of writing or the supposed flaws of stories they’ve read.

It’s okay to critique. Perhaps these people would make great critics or book reviewers, providing they can temper their egos.

Many people complain about others’ prose because they feel they can write a better plot, better characters and so forth. My wish is that they would begin to write. Put their thoughts into solid form and stop wasting their own stories.

Often times, when those who complain will take the time to write out their gripes, they either learn they are correct, or they find they are way off beat. Many of these people could easily become writers because writing out thoughts and ideas often form stories of their own accord.

One such friend began to write out her frustrations and learned from others who read her scribbles that she has a dry wit, at other times a raucous sense of humor.

We stand to learn a lot about ourselves as writers if we will simply examine our thoughts, motivations and frustrations.

This is a great way for a writer to improve. When you read another author’s prose and feel you can write better, at that moment is when you should delve deeply into your thoughts and come up with a better story. Your muse is trying to tell you that you have it in you to write and write well. Otherwise you wouldn’t be seeing the flaws in others’ work. Your muse is ready to help you write a better story. Why waste opportunities to create your own great prose?

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