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‘An Advantage of Self-Publishing’ by Mary Deal

An Advantage of Self-Publishing
Mary Deal

As many know, I used to use a POD publisher. I was happy for a while, however, I found self-publishing to be to my advantage. It’s expensive to have your publisher re-publish your book when they and you do not catch all the errors.

If your publisher even begrudgingly re-publishes without charging you, jump for joy! Some POD publishers charge $300 and upwards just to pull the book, correct last errors and re-publish.

The beauty of self-publishing is that you perfect you book to the point you think you and your editor have caught all the errors. But once you publish, you find, perhaps, one glaring error overlooked after all. It’s not a missing comma or period, nothing that simple. It’s a big misspelling error that might make people shudder.

A case in point: In my latest thriller, The Howling Cliffs, A Sara Mason Mystery, I was sure we had caught all the typos. Once I pulled a copy to read on my Kindle, I found something that stuck out like a big red tomato in a lettuce patch.

The story takes place mostly on Kauai where I live. I included lots of local scenes and people. In the big car accident scene, HAZMAT was needed to clean the highway of the gas and diesel spills. However, as many times as I’ve seen that big red Fire Department truck around town, I never realized that in my story I spelled HAZMAT with an S instead of a Z. HAZMAT is short for hazardous materials. How could I have not put that together when writing the scene.

So an advantage of self-publishing is that I could go to Smashwords and Amazon and re-upload the corrected version. It’s a simple process. It’s free.

This is not to say we should publish first and then catch errors. As self-publishers, the total responsibility for perfecting our manuscripts falls on us. They should be perfect or as close to perfect as we can make them before we publish the first time.

I encourage all who self-publish to re-upload corrected versions of their manuscripts when errors are found. If you must re-upload, re-read your entire manuscript first and thoroughly for any other errors that might have been missed. Self-published books often contain more errors than others. The author should read the entire story again, after it’s published. When errors are found, they have a free option to re-publish.

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