Mike Angley Interviews Romance Thriller Author Margie Church

My guest today is Margie Church, AKA Churchlady, author of romance/thriller novels with “SASS.”  She tells me that stands for Suspense, Angst, Seductive Sizzle.  Margie is a married mom of two children, and a Minnesota native.  He writing career began early when she published in “McCall’s Magazine” in the sixth grade.   Margie describes her professions as a mother and author whose guilty pleasures are great beer, real vanilla ice cream, and lobster.  I couldn’t agree more with that list!

M Church lrMA:  Welcome, Margie!  Please tell us a little bit about your background.

MC: I have been published in business to business and consumer magazines for 25 years. I also managed Delivering Performance magazine for 12 years. This beautiful, quarterly magazine was distributed in the U.S. and Canada. I was its lead writer and primary editor.

In addition, I have been a freelance writer for all kinds of construction, orthopaedic, manufacturing, religious, and collector’s magazines for 14 years. I have written about a million ads, brochures, press releases, videos, websites, etc. and I’ve loved it all. I am a passionate writer and enjoy every writing challenge.

I have two romantic thrillers out – Awakening Allaire and Avenging Allaire. Both are published by Class Act Books. I also have a nursery rhyme coming out this spring from Guardian Angels Publishing. My WIP is a paranormal romance between a mysterious vampire and a human.

MA:  I enjoy the paranormal realm, and my current trilogy feature a “light” paranormal element.  What made you decide to get into writing fiction?

awakening new cover4 jpgMC:  I was laid off from my job and accepted a fan fiction challenge. I took second place in the challenge and at the end of it, I realized I had a really cool story that needed finishing. Awakening Allaire became that story. Until that time, I honestly was scared to death to write a novel. As a magazine writer, I deal with specific word and page count targets. A novel was always daunting – too many words, too complex. Little did I know!

MA:  So are any characters in your Allaire series based upon real people you’ve known?

MC:  I definitely do not pattern my romance novels after real people’s lives. I may take characteristics from them physically or use quirks in their personalities, but these books are utter fiction.

My children’s books are a different matter. They are absolutely written on experiences and emotions I have as a mother.  I don’t relate specifics to protect the children involved but children are funny, amazing, and interesting. Living with children makes for great stories.

MA:  As a dad of three (two teens and one twenty-something now), I can relate to kids and the magic of watching them grow!  Tell us about your stories.

Avenging Allaire 2MC:  My debut novel is Awakening Allaire. It is an erotic thriller/suspense, contemporary/suspense and Class Act Books bestseller.  The sequel, Avenging Allaire, was released November 1 by Class Act Books.

Allaire and Devon meet quite accidentally and it doesn’t take much time for the sizzling to start between them. Unfortunately, Allaire is married and her infidelity results in her becoming pregnant with Devon’s children. She tries to pass them off as her husband’s and that of course, ends in disaster. How Devon finds out about her pregnancy and meeting his children is very poignant. Ultimately, Allaire ends up a single parent but agrees to live with Devon to help raise their twins. Allaire seduces Devon during a masquerade party and asks him to marry her. Unfortunately later that evening, Allaire is kidnapped by two drug-crazed ex-cons. She becomes a drug addict and nearly dies in captivity when she’s left for dead. Devon is frantic to find her. The FBI becomes involved as they scour the US looking for Allaire.

MA:  Wow!  That sounds like a rollercoaster ride of a plot!  How did you go about crafting Allaire’s character?

MC:  I had some basic ideas about what kind of woman I wanted Allaire to be. I thought about women I admired and began making a cheat sheet of her traits – physical, emotional, professional. It was important to have to keep her in character as she morphs into this drug addicted captive and to give her proper motivation as a parent.

MA: So what are your Devon’s strengths and weaknesses?

MC:  Devon is an intellectual guy. He’s a lawyer and his life is not black and white. However, he is driven by honesty, despite his father’s influence on his career. He’s heart-stoppingly handsome and a wonderful father. He knows how to make a commitment. He’s funny and snarky. His weakness is Allaire. His heart is a twisting sponge in her hands and she puts him through love’s paces. Sometimes I wanted to see Devon slug one of these goons but he is not physically violent.  Many heroes are physically aggressive. Devon uses his brain.

MA:  I can imagine that with the drug-crazed ex-cons you have a whole stable of bad guys?

MC:  This book and the sequel are filled with bad guys. Nobody is who they say they are. Allaire’s nemesis is their pistol packing nanny, Lucy. She has a license to kill and the hots for Devon. She is a definite problem in both books but even more so in the sequel.

MA:  I don’t like Lucy already!  Are you going to continue to write romance and thrillers?

MC:  I am writing my paranormal and hope to get a contract on it by year-end. I really like smart books. Even though there are lots of erotic vampire novels on the market right now, this one still has an edge-of-your-seat feel to it. The human, Jui Fabrice, has no idea the guy she’s fallen for is a vampire and Wade Kairos wants to keep it that way. There’s a lot of angst and a number of gritty scenes in this book. The romance is definitely hot but there’s much, much more to this story than just sweaty sex. LOL!

MA:  (wipes brow) Well, I think it’s getting warm in here already!  Margie, thanks very much for visiting with us today.  I appreciate learning about Allaire and Devon and your writing projects.  I encourage all my readers to check out Margie’s website and related links to her trailers and publisher:

Margie Church, Romance with SASS: http://site.romancewithsass.com/Home.html

Avenging Allaire’s trailer at Blazing Trailers: http://www.adult.blazingtrailers.com/show.php?title=692

Awakening’s trailer: www.Adult.blazingtrailers.com/show.php?title=507

Class Act Books: www.classactbooks.com

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3 thoughts on “Mike Angley Interviews Romance Thriller Author Margie Church

  1. Great post. Your books sound interesting. I have not read any as of yet, but will be putting them on my to buy list. Thanks

  2. The Churchlady is writing about vampires? *gasp* Just kidding. Sounds fascinating.

    I might just have to check out this Devon character–brain over brawn vs ex-cons. Intriguing!

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