Major General Paul E. Vallely, Chairman of Stand Up America, Endorses Mike Angley’s “Child Finder: Revelation”

Here’s a new review of Child Finder: Revelation from MG Paul E. Vallely, U.S. Army (ret), Chairman of Stand Up America, and co-author of Endgame, Baghdad Ablaze, Operation Sucker Punch and Warfooting. General Vallely is also a Fox News Military Analyst and a noted radio and television personality.

“Mike Angley has written a must read winner. This is an insider’s view of a frightening and inspiring scenario filled with action and drama. Riveting! A Spellbinder!”

About Mike Angley

Mike Angley is the award-winning author of the Child Finder Trilogy. He retired as a Colonel from the Air Force in 2007 following a 25-year career as a Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations (OSI). He held 13 different assignments throughout the world, among which were five tours as a Commander of various units, to include two Air Force Squadrons and a Wing. He is a seasoned criminal investigator and a counterintelligence and counterterrorism specialist. In his last assignment, he was Commander of OSI Region 8 with responsibility for all of Air Force Space Command. He’s fond of saying, “If it entered or exited Earth’s atmosphere, I had a dog in the fight!”
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